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Your tires need to remain in good condition with sufficient tread for maximum traction all year round. Full tire traction will ensure safe control of your vehicle in all weather and road conditions. When you need new tires or repairs on your existing ones, Maz-Tech Automotive is your clear choice in Boise, ID.

Factory-scheduled service, including tire maintenance, will ensure you are never caught by surprise. Maz-Tech Automotive handles tires on all makes as determined necessary. Thanks to our knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art facility and decades of experience, you’ll know your car or truck is in good hands when you come to us with tire-related matters. Tires Boise ID.

Tires Boise ID

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Maz-Tech Automotive has been a family-owned and operated business since 1985. As Boise’s leading independent shop for tires, we service foreign and domestic vehicles alike. At the same time, we consider honesty and integrity the most important part of quality customer care, while excellent workmanship guides every job we perform. This is our guarantee to you.

There’s no need to visit an expensive dealership for your tires. Our ASE-Certified technicians have extensive factory training, combined with the most advanced computer diagnostic equipment and ongoing education in new procedures. We stand behind all our tire work, allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind on the roads ahead. Altogether, you can count on Maz-Tech Automotive for tires to keep you driving comfortably.

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36 month/36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty

Tire FAQ's

Here are some commonly asked questions about tires.

New tires have ‘tread wear indicator bars’ built into the tires that only become visible when the treads have worn beyond their safe depth. These flat rubber bars run perpendicular to the tread direction, and if you can see them at the same level as your tread, then you know that it’s time to get your tires replaced.

If you drive a typical number of miles, somewhere around 12,000-15,000 miles annually, a tire’s tread will wear out in three to four yearslong before the rubber compound does. But if you drive much less than that, or have a car that you only drive on weekends, aging tires could be an issue

50,000 miles
We would expect at least 50,000 miles from the tires that come with any new vehicle, but tire life depends on many factors.

If a car’s other tires have lost only 2/32 or up to maybe 4/32 of their original tread depth, it’s probably OK to replace just the damaged tire. There can be exceptions, though. … One way to avoid buying more than one tire is to have the tread on the new one “shaved” so it matches the depth of the others.

The rear-wheel and front-wheel-drive cars don’t need the replacement of all four tires at once. But, an AWD vehicle needs balanced traction at all four corners. Mismatched tires on AWD may lead to the damage of several components. … You should always check the owner’s manual to get the guidelines for replacing the tires.

When tires are replaced in pairs in situations like these, the new tires should always be installed on the rear axle and the partially worn tires moved to the frontNew tires on the rear axle help the driver more easily maintain control on wet roads since deeper treaded tires are better at resisting hydroplaning.