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Why a Regular Oil Change is Important

Oil Change

How often should I change oil?

Next to our homes, our cars are our most significant investment and if you own one, top of that list of things to keep it moving is an oil change. However, according to the Automotive Industries Association, a recent study revealed that 22 percent of vehicles have low or dirty engine oil.

At Maz-Tech Automotive we understand that occasionally life gets busy, and things, like oil changes get put on the back burner temporarily – as well as the extensive damage that can occur when an oil change gets ignored completely. Maz-Tech Automotive has been providing affordable, honest and reliable car service in Boise where our journeyman mechanics give you clear information and a detailed estimate before we begin work – and to help keep those cost in check, here are the top reasons oil and filter changes are so important to a car’s well-being:

  • Maintains engine lubrication – lubrication is important to prevent friction from pistons, valves, and other engine parts moving at high rates of speed to create energy.
  • Cools engine components – moving parts that lack proper lubrication create friction, which in turn creates heat, clean and sufficient amounts of oil prevent too much friction and the engine over-heating.
  • Removes engine wear particles and sludge – over time, dirt can cause corrosion and oil breaks down turning to sludge, decreasing the life of your engine. Routine oil and filter changes help remove these particles and sludge to keep your engine in peak condition.
  • Improves gas mileage – with routine changes and the right kind of oil, gas mileage can be improved over time by up to two percent.
  • Promotes vehicle longevity – routine maintenance makes your vehicle last longer and car valuation increases at resale time if regular maintenance has been upheld.

Proactively changing a vehicles’ oil and filter will help the engine continue to work at its best and prevent costly car repairs to drivers down the road. Compare the average cost of a years’ worth of oil changes to the cost of not proactively maintaining a vehicle’s engine and the benefits quickly come clear to both your vehicle and your wallet. For optimum performance, you should get your oil changed at least twice a year, or every 5,000 to 7,500 km.

Maz-Tech Automotive Can Help You

If you need an oil change in Boise, then come to Maz-Tech Automotive Ltd, an auto repair company in Boise. We offer quick and thorough oil changes at great prices. Whether you need full synthetic oil or a synthetic blend, we can get the job done. Contact us at 208-291-1412 today. When you get an oil change at MazTech Automotive, we are not just draining and filling engine oil, we are inspecting your vehicle for other problems to keep your engine running smoothly and help maintain all the moving parts.